Recycled Compostable Stickers (Bulk buy: 20x)

Recycled Compostable Stickers (Bulk buy: 20x)

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Help us promote the message of Dominion by attaching these stickers to every surface you think people will read them. 

Stickering is an effective method of promotion and with your help we can get the Dominion name in the minds of millions of people around the world. Traditionally, littering the streets with stickers meant environmental damage as plastic was being added to the environment which might eventually end up in the sea or worse. Dominion Movement has gone to long lengths to bring you a sticker that is recycled and biodegradable.

Although this sticker is water resistant we strongly suggest you stick it to smooth surfaces like metal or plastic and avoid the rain as much as possible. 

Suggested placements are: inside toilet doors, bathroom mirrors, bus and tram seats and walls etc. Please ensue these stickers are only used where you have permission, Aussie Farms does not condone defacing property.

Have fun and be sure to post pictures of the creative places you stick them.